The name of a “Baluch”

The name of a “Baluch” woman as an Iranian teacher is among the world’s superior women. “Ziba Azizi”, a teacher who lives in Gehjan village in Qasr-e Qand County, Sistan and Baluchestan Province of Iran, is named the fourth rural woman of the world, elected in 2018.
Ziba Azizi is a responsible teacher and a philanthropist woman in a very hard-line and patriarchal situation in her area of residence. She was able to identify the people in need and attract the goodwill school builders in deprived areas by the charity community of “Imam Ali” (Society of Students Against Poverty).
According to the website of the Women’s World Summit Foundation (WWSF), the charity activities of Ziba Azizi includes providing educational facilities at several schools, helping to build three schools in three villages in the deprived areas, distributing food for poor people, preventing early marriage of girls who are still child, and training needlework to the women. Needlework is registered as one of the handicrafts of Sistan and Baluchestan Province of Iran, and Ziba Azizi by establishing the handicraft brand called “Nora” sells the women’s needlework to help them with their family expenses.
Perhaps, the most important charity activity of this rural woman is establishment of a scholar center called “House of Science”. She constructed this educational center in association with Imam Ali charity community to provide food and education for illiterate children.
Everywhere in the world, in spite of many adventures and repetitions of misconceptions and life difficulties, women have to face a lot of troubles for sustaining and continuing to live and raising their level of knowledge and well-being, and now there must be plenty of beloved people like Ziba Azizi to provide the ideal human life without deprivation.


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