Parisa Mihan Doost
Parisa Mihandoost was born in Tehran,Iran in 1986.
Parisa wasn’t satisfied with her life, she had just spilt up a relationship and wanted to change her life so that she decided to lose weight at first. After she decided to lose weight, she turned to 62 kilograms from being 105 kilograms.
Parisa is a Tai Chi coach, she won a gold medal in yaer 2019, 2020 at national competitions in Wusho talou,shingyi chuan field. The name of the technique is fan form tai chi-42.
Her motivation was hope for the future and a healthy and a sport life and therefore she tried and lost weight and soon she became a coach. In 2015 she started to work in a gym as a bodybuilding coach and in 2018 she started to work as a tai chi coach in private classes.

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