MY PROJECT / Staying Such A Woman

Staying Such A Woman
Delicate bodies and frail organs with great spirits and ambitious dreams are the coordinates of women of the land on which they are still faced with a fundamental question: “Is being a woman an opportunity or a threat?”
Hence, to answer the question “Is being a woman an opportunity or a threat?”, first, you must separate “gender” from the other segments of a woman’s identity. A woman is someone who tries with pride, power and dare to keep all the women of her inside and outside world “alive”. Each woman of the Iranian society, according to the social identity, the context of family, religion, economy, patriarchy, misogyny, gender discrimination, etc., determines the status of women.This series of works is visualizing and telling the story of 14 women’s lives who with noticeable attempt, have overcome the complexities and breaking points of life and by backing up themselves counting on their inner woman and with greater efforts at re-definition of their individual identity are continuing their.
In this series of work which has been worked on since 2014. Since 2012, I’ve been following and working on the story of the connection and relation between myself and other women’s world around me and after getting to know myself and these women’s lives, I decided to record their everyday lives. As a matter of fact, in this compilation, I’ve tried to illustrate the women inside me, women who were similar to the women inside me; I’ve either lived them or been longing to live like them.