Mahdieh’s New Life

Mahdieh’s New Life
Several years ago, while traveling to Istanbul, she loses her right arm in an incident; after that, she loses her confidence too and goes through a lot of mental pressure for a couple of months and then decides to appear in the society with a prosthetic arm and go to work.
Throughout this process, she meets Mehrdad, he has been influenced by some incidents as well, and now, after a metamorphosis and a decision in his life, he wants to flip the script and he meets Mahdieh.
After a life full of ups and downs, they are both standing at a point where they believe in themselves; Mehrdad started a new life with workout and Mahdieh regained her confidence with fitness and exercise. She even threw out her prosthetic arm on her birthday to always believe that it is possible to live without an arm too.
Now, they are going to build a new life with new thoughts, they lived together for 4 years and believe that the combination of love and workout is pretty influential in their lives. Currently, they have decided to lead their friendship toward marriage and emigrate from Iran afterward.

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