Mahboobeh first studied English in Azade University of Isfahan,after graduation she decided to enroll for Seminary school and study religious lessons as we call it “Talabegi” lesson.

In seminary school religious lessons or as mentioned before “Talabegi” lesson has a ranking for itself. She got a degree as a teacher, she could start a career as a teacher for girls in that seminary but she preferred to work in a school and be a Farsi teacher.(Farsi is the language we speak in Iran) .

Mahboobeh hadn’t chosen Hijab at first.She did a research and study about Islam and then she chose Hijab and after that she chose to go to the seminary school.

Mahnoobeh used to go to villages around Isfahan once a month in holidays to teach English to children and also teach women how to read Quran . She goes to school on the other days and teaches Farsi to students. She is a teacher.

It is a recreation center in Isfahan.

Mahboobeh lives in Isfahan.

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