Fahimeh was born in 30 December 1981

At first she experienced paragliding, she did a hard work to be the first and only woman flight engineer in Iran and the only woman in Airbus 320.

She had fought for this position and did her best to prove that a woman can be a pilot with her skills and her qualifications.

Fahimeh Ahmadi Dastjerdi is now one of the first woman pilots and the only woman in Airbus 320 due to her struggles.She had been in aviation world for 14 years.

During this 14 years, she started her flight with Tupolev airplane and she had 3000 hours flight engineering with tupolev154 and after that in 2010 when tupolev became forbidden she started to work as a second pilot in MD aircraft.She is now flying with Airbus.

But about women pilots, maybe the main concern is that they are considered many levels after men to be hired,I hope there would be equality in this profession between men and women soon or in another words it would only be about skills not gender because the job is the same,the responsibility is the same and perhaps women are even exacter.

She started her flight engineering career in 2005 and her pilot career in 2010.

Her first airline was Iran Air and now she works in Meraj Airlines.

Aftern a flight they normally have a 45 to 60 minutes for rest on the earth,and here Fahimeh is checking up the system and waiting for fueling the aircraft.

Fahimeh is the first and only flight engineer in Iran.

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