Mother Champion


Afsane met her husband in 2016 in Shahran motocross track which is located in Tehran and after couple of months they decided to get married.Her husband is also a motocross rider.

Afsane believes that she receives positive energy from her husband and she was able to get first place in three years in a row 2016-2017-2018 in women’s motocross championship. Her husband has been always with her in her practices and has been a good company for her steps to success.

Afsane was a body building coach before being a motocross rider.

Afsane gave birth to her daughter in 5 July 2019 and they named her Hanna.

Afsane takes her motorcycle every time after a race to a repair shop to be totally checked,the repair shop is located in Tehran,she has to do this to make sure that the engine works correctly

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