I am Mahya Rastegar, born 1980 in Tehran, Iran, a graduate in Photography and a Documentary Photographer, based in Tehran, Iran.

began to study Graphic Design in 2000, but quit it very soon in 2001 to find my field of interest somewhere else. After many years, in 2010, I started to study Photography, and graduated in 2013.

I am mainly a social documentary photographer, most interested to capture the influential stories of women’s lives.From the aspect of appearance, face and fashion, women are different from each other, but they are all the same in the way that all of them make efforts to get stronger in their inner world and possess the ability to live independently.

From 2015 until now, I’ve been working on a long-term documentary photographing project with topic of Iranian women with influential stories. The collections of photos about each woman have the form of stories of their lives, meaning that I’m talking about the lives of these women by taking pictures of them.

While holding on to the passion of presenting all type of women issues as a woman and after some serious researches and studies, I started shooting Iranian women trough different projects since 2013.

In addition to all my ongoing projects, I have been working on a project called “To Remain Such a Woman” since 2016. I pictured all the women I live inside myself trough 10 women living under different conditions in the real/outside world (more on portfolio). This project will be released as a book soon.

Some of my photos had the chance to be released on different pages and magazines such as:

– Panospictures, UK – February 24, 2014

– L’HEBDO Magazine, France – December 25, 2015

– Refinery29 Blog – January 27, 2016

– PRI Org – February 11, 2016

– NYTimes – March 9, 2016

www.womenphotograph.com  — women Photograph: 2018 year in Pictures

-.welt.de- 11.02.2019

leparisien.fr 28 February  2019

I find myself a potent photographer especially at women related issues and I can proudly provide professional assistance.